Deeks Decoys in the Havre De Grace Decoy Museum

Recently I was on a business trip in and all around Maryland when I stumbled upon the Harve De Grace Decoy Museum. What a great surprise it was to find out they actually had some Deeks Decoys on display. It kind of makes since though since Deeks is the oldest and first mass produced duck decoy ever made. Many of today’s duck hunters don’t know it, but the original manufacturing plant that started production of their decoy back in 1936 was in the Salt Lake City, UT area which of course has always been one of the best waterfowl hunting areas. Pictures of the old original Deeks manufacturing plant can be seen on their new web site. There is even an old Smithsonian Archive History Video you can watch about Deeks. Check them both out for a short trip down memory lane, and if you are ever in Maryland make sure and treat yourself to the Harve De Grace Decoy Museum, you will be very glad you did.

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