Photo Contest Re-Started & Now Extented Until Dec 31st

Now is your chance to get a FREE dozen DEEKS Decoys for simply submitting your photo to the October DEEKS photo contest. You will be the lucky winner if your photo gets the most votes from other people who have chose to participate and other Deeks Decoy web site visitors. During the remaining part of Nov and throughout Dec, Deeks will be running a photo entry contest and it is open to all Deeks Decoy fans and waterfowl hunters. To participate, all you have to do is submit a photo that has some of Deeks Duck Decoys being displayed somehow in the photo. You can also submit photos of the Deeks logos being used creatively. Here are just a few ideals for you, but it’s time to get your thinking cap out and use some of your creativeness.

  • Deeks Decoys in the field being used during an actual hunt
  • Deeks Decoys being displayed in the way you store or carry them out to the field
  • Deeks Decoys being tossed onto the water
  • Deeks Decoys logo used in a creative way with a picture of your work

Once a photo is submitted and approved by the Deeks web site administrator, there will be a five (5) star rating system that allows other web site visitors to vote on the various entries. After Oct 31st, the entry with the most votes will be awarded the prize and the FREE dozen of Deeks Decoys will be sent via UPS regular ground shipping to that contestant’s home free of charge. Only two easy rules to follow. No profanity or slamming Deeks Decoys or any other decoy brands, and entries must be submitted by Oct 31st in order to win.

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