Wessly E. From Eudora Mississippi

Deeks Duck Decoys are the best ive ever used. Customer service is fantasic, and shipping was extra quick. I will be sure to use no other than Deek Duck Decoys!

Duck hunter Don G. says:

“As the 2006 duck season draws to a close I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how pleased I am with my Deeks Duck Decoys. I purchased my Deeks at the beginning of this season and have shot many ducks over them. I found that they are extremely light and pack into an incredibly small space which has allowed me to cover more territory and explore less accessible lakes, rivers, swamps and ponds. They are fast and easy to set up and can be picked up in less time than conventional hard body decoys. Most important I found that they perform as well as the most detailed hard plastic body decoys. It was common to have ducks land right in the decoy spread and start feeding. I even had a Pie Billed Grebe attack one of the decoys, that realism. If you ever produce a Canada Goose version I will be first in line to purchase them. Thanks for a great decoy,”

Larry G. from Modesto, California says:

“I hunt the rice fields and flooded areas along the river close to my home. DEEKS have proven time and again to bring the Sprigs in! They are the best all around decoys you can get!”

Duck hunter Tim M. from Ogden, Utah says:

“DEEKS are the ONLY decoys to use when you hunt Ogden and Farmington Bay along the Great Salt Lake. They are so easy to carry! I would not trade one DEEK for a whole dozen of the bulky plastic decoys.”

Duck hunter Chris B. says:

“I just got a package from Cabelas today and had to drop you a line. I had heard of Deeks from my Grandpa, who used them through out the 50’s for a local walk in area and he always had nothing but good things to say about them. After years of carrying 1-3 dozen of the typical plastic decoys into the same areas on my own hunting adventures, I finally decided it was time to try them out on my own. Of course, our season hasn’t begun yet so I can only give you my impressions from tests in the bath tub at home. They are simply amazing! When I opened the large Cabelas box and saw the tiny Deeks box inside I wasn’t expecting much, but wow I was wrong. I could not wait for the bath tub to fill up enough to drop my new toys in and see how they looked floating around. From the first second the first one hit the water I was hooked. They look great and you just can’t beat the weight, or lack there of. This season everytime I go to a walk in area at least three dozen Deeks will be going with me. Thank you for this product. It is going to save my back and make hunting much more enjoyable, hopefully, for years to come.”

Frank A from Burns, Oregon says:

“I hunt Malheur Refuge. DEEKS are PERFECT decoys for hunting public shooting grounds. Compact, light weight, easy to carry and set-up, there isn’t a better decoy available for my type of hunting!”

Duck hunter Judd H. from Pine Bluff Arkansas says:

“I just love my DEEKS, they are so convenient for hunting the marshes and back-waters along the Mississippi. There is no way I could carry 4 dozen plastic decoys 2 miles to my favorite spot like I can my DEEKS.”