How do I prepare, use and store my Deeks decoys?

01. marble

Insert a marble into the small knob on the breast of each DEEK, then tie your anchor line to it. The knob is placed scientifically to make the DEEK ride perfectly in the water.


When DEEKS are not in use, drop each anchor line inside its DEEK. This makes it easy to keep lines separated and untangled.

03. pockets

Each DEEK folds into a mere fistful, which means you can carry a big supply in the pockets of your hunting jacket – no bag of bulky decoys.

04. hunt

When you are ready to hunt, merely shake out the strings and anchors, toss or drop the DEEK on the water so the open stem hits first. DEEKS WILL INFLATE INSTANTLY! There is no time lost for blowing up or squeezing the air out. To deflate the DEEKS, just pick them up!

How do I use my Deeks decoys in a dry setting with my Air Tight Field Caps?

Field Cap


Stretch the Field Cap over over the base of the decoy to cover the opening and create an airtight seal.


Lift a small section of the field cover away from the decoy and and blow into the opening to inflate the decoy – one strong breath usually inflates the decoy.


Place the decoy upright into the field. Happy hunting.

Duck Call
Duck Call


Tuning the Deeks Duck Call

Although each call is hand-tuned prior to shipping, it is easy to re-tune to fit your calling style. Follow these easy steps to change the tone/pitch of the call. Small adjustments are important.

  • It is not necessary to remove the cork.
  • Press the reed firmly against the stem. (See illustration below)
  • Wiggle the reed slightly left and right while adjusting forward or back.
  • Slide the reed forward for a lower tone and back for a higher tone.
  • Once you find the ‘sweet spot’ hold the reed in place–press the cork tight to the rear of the slot.

Duck Call

Not quite right? Remove the cork, turn the reed over and follow the same steps. Tip: Corks may dry out. Soak in water overnight to re-establish a tight fit.