This webpage is meant to address inquiries about donations for fundraisers. Since we are asked for donations on a monthly basis, we have decided to design a program that is beneficial to everyone involved. What we offer organizations is as follows.We will send you 2 sample decoys with a display setup kit including a DVD that shows our Deeks decoys and how they are used. The DVD sells our product for you because they are so easy to use, they are light weight and very compact.We will give a $5.00 discount coupon to each of your attendees. The coupon will allow your members to purchase Deeks decoys through our web store and allows us to track the orders via the coupon number.When one of your attendees purchases a dozen/1 box of decoys for $59.99 through our web store, we will provide free of charge 1 dozen field caps which are normally sold separately, and retail for $11.95. The coupon we provide for you, will discount the dozen decoys down to $49.99. That’s a total savings of $21.95. We will also pay for the shipping of the product to the attendee’s home. After entering in the coupon number, their total purchase will only be $49.99. For each attendee who makes a purchase using the special coupon we will send your organization $5.00. The coupon will expire 30 days after your event, and at that time we will send you a check for the total amount due.Example: If you have 100 attendees make a purchase of 1 dozen decoys you will get $500 for your organizations fund raiser.Please Note: We highly recommend that you have a TV and DVD player at your event so your attendees can see the Deeks decoy in use. This will help you generate more funds for your organization.If you like to take advantage of this special opportunity, just give me a call, or send me an email and I will get you set up.Qualifications for participation:

  • 25 or more members attending the event
  • Purchase of Deeks must be within 30 days

Thank you